NÜF™, a brand new purification membrane


【May 31st, 2018, Shanghai】A few days ago, Ochemate launched NÜF™ hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane products at the Aquatech China Exhibition. At the exhibition, NÜF™ new nanofiltration technology received lots of attention because of its excellent features such as “high flux, selective control of ion rejection and ultra-low operation.”


On the morning of May 31st, Mr Shen Qiuchang, the water treatment expert of the municipal water supply, Ms Cai Guanping, expert of the East China Electric Power Design Institute and Professor Wang Zhansheng, the famous expert of the Chinese water treatment industry, came to the booth of Ochemate and unveiled NÜF™  together with Christina Fang, CEO of Ochemate, and Jantje Johnson, director of global business development.

NÜF™ Hollow fiber industrial nanofiltration membrane -- "more challenging water, more robust membrane”

NÜF™ industrial hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane is a proprietary nanofiltration technology and is developed through innovation of membrane material and structures. The NÜF™ membranes is based on aproprietary modified polyamide (TPFP) chemistry developed by Ochemate with excellent performance characteristics such as hydrophilicity, oxidation resistance, high strength and high temperature resistance. The membrane module has additional advantages, such as ultra-low pressure (over 35% lower operating pressure compared with spiral-wound NF modules), high flux (more than 40% higher than spiral-wound NF modules under the same operating pressure), and selective control of ion removal.

"In the process of new product development, Ochemate always insists on market orientation, always commit to solving the challenges in the system design and operation" Ochemate CEO Christina Fang says in the new product release: "the industrial water treatment market needs more energy savings, more emission reduction, more robust and more personalized products, NÜF™ industrial hollow fiber nanofiltration solution was launched to meet the demand of the market. Ochemate is a high-tech enterprise integrating global professionals to meet local needs. We will always be committed to providing green, cost-effective products and solutions.

NÜF™ industrial hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes can be applied in a wide range of applications including municipal tap water, sewage reuse, and process water.  It can help users greatly save capital expenses, improve system efficiency and easy installation and maintenance" said Mr. Zhu Lixin, deputy general manager of Ochemate.

In addition to NÜF™ industrial hollow fiber nanofiltration products, a series of domestic solutions are introduced at the Shanghai International Water Exhibition as well, including domestic NÜF™ residential nanofiltration membrane products that can be used for household water purifiers; VOCdoff™, used in air purification filters for the removal of formaldehyde, TVOC and odors; Caldoff™, long lasting solid slow release scale inhibitors specifically developed for household water purifiers. In addition, Ochemate industrial products were exhibited including a wide range of specialty RO membrane cleaners, membrane performance restoration products and environmentally-friendly cooling water chemicals.

About Ochemate
Ochemate Advanced Material Technology, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Carbon Materials LLC , with its headquarters in Houston, USA.  
Predecessor of Ochemate was Ochem Chemical Co., Ltd - founded in 2004. Ochemate(Ochem ), OEE( expert in membrane filtration Engineering)and OMEXELL (membrane manufacturer ) were part of the OMEX GROUP until 2006. OEE and OMEXELL were acquired by DOW in July 2006.      
In 2013, Ochem was renamed to Ochemate for the purpose of company development strategy. In 2017, Ochemate reorganized the company in order to become a respected global leader in the field of liquid purification and separation by innovating advanced materials technology and solutions.