NÜF® N80-3040

Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration MembraneN80-3040

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  • Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane NÜF® N80-3040 NF element
    With breakthroughs in membrane materials and element structure, Ochemate Advanced Material Technologies Co. Offers NÜF® N80-3040 nanofiltration membrane elements with hollow fiber structure for commercial application. NÜF® N80-3040 has super-high permeability under extremely low pressure and provides unique comprehensive advantages for commercial users.
    • High hardness removal, high efficient toxic metals removal such as copper, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, antimony and arsenic.
    • High small organic molecule removal (such as antibiotics, endocrine disruptor, etc.) and reduce COD in water.
    • Under 3.0 bar operating pressure, the membrane flux can exceed 30 LMH. Compared with the competitors, N80-3040 has 35% lower operation pressure under the same flux.
    Hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane NÜF® N80-3040 NF element can efficiently remove colloids, bacteria, viruses, organic matters and other harmful substances in water and retain beneficial minerals and trace elements in product water for commercial applications. It can be widely used to make drinking water in commercial office buildings, dining halls, canteens, hotels, schools, hospitals, airport stations and other public places. As an innovative purification membrane, it can achieve both safety and health of drinking water.
    NÜF® N80-3040 NF element has the typical characteristics of all NÜF® product series:
    • Unique hollow fiber structure.
    • Real selective filtration. Harmful compounds are removed while maintaining beneficial compounds. The permeate water quality meets the “Healthy Water” standard requirements.
    • Permeate water has better taste.
    • High permeate flux under low operating pressure.
    Product Types
    TPFP integrated film forming technology & modified polyamide as base material.
  • Product Specifications
    Product Active area (m2) Applied pressure Permeate flow rate Stabilized salt rejection(%)
    (psig) (MPa) (gpd) (L/min)
    N80-3040 10 45 0.31 2000~2400 5~6 MgSO4  ≥90%
    CaCl2 ≥60%
    NaCl ≤25%
    1. Test standard of permeate flow rate and salt rejection rate:
    250 ppm MgSO4 / 250ppm NaCl / 250ppm CaCl2, 77ºF (25ºC), 15% recovery rate, pH 7.
    2. Minimum MgSO4 salt rejection is 90%.(GB/T 30306-2013).
    3. Permeate flow rate is 2000GPD. Permeate flow of single element may vary +/-20%.
    4. The above specification values are nominal test values. When operating, please follow the design guidelines of NÜF® membrane system.
    Element Dimensions(mm)

    Dimensions L L1 D W
    (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
    N80-3040 1100 1235 φ90 110
    Commercial NÜF® N80-3040 NF elements can be used without pressure vessels.
    General Information

    • At the first use, it is suggested that rinse the protective agent from NÜF® membrane through connecting water for one hour. Please discharge the permeate water from this one hour.
    • Membrane elements should always be kept moist after initial use.
    • Membrane elements have a short-term resistance to free chlorine and other oxidants. Long-term contact may lead to damage of membrane fibers. Continuous exposure of membrane components to free chlorine or other oxidants should be avoided.
    • Back pressure on the permeate side should be avoided at all times.