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  • OCHEMATE NÜF® N80-1812-200 NF element
    With Breakthroughs in Membrane Materials and element structure, OCHEMATE NüF® Nanofiltration products offer most effective and high- quality solution to bring healthy and good taste drinking water. NUF elements can operate without additional vessel, and can operate under extremely low pressure to produce high flow permeate water when used properly.
    Feature • Differentiated technology with innovation. Using hollow fiber structure instead of normal rolled elements.
    • Real selective filtration. Unwanted compounds are removed while maintaining beneficial compounds. The permeate water quality meets the “Healthy Water” standard requirements.

    Product Types TPFP modified-Polyamide composite hollow fiber element.
  • Product Specifications
    Product Part Number Applied pressure Permeate flow rate Stabilized salt rejection (%)
    (psig) (MPa) (gpd) (L/min)
    N80-1812-200 00190104 45 0.31 225 0.56 MgSO4  91%
    CaCl2 65%
    NaCl 15%
    1.Test standard condition: 250 ppm MgSO4 / 250ppm NaCl / 250ppm CaCl2, 77ºF (25ºC), 15% recovery rate, pH 7. 
    2.Minimum MgSO4 salt rejection is 90%.(GB/T 30306-2013)
    3 Permeate flow rate is 225GPD +/-20%.
    4. Permeate flow rate is related to testing conditions including the operation pressure. Per some customer’s testing under 5 bar, one N80-1812-200 produces flow rate as high as 500GPD, and two pieces of elements produce 1000GPD.
    Element Dimensions

    Dimen sions– inches (mm) A B C D E F
    (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm)
    N80-1812-200 12.59 320 12.00 305 3.27 83 2.56 65 2.36 60 0.31 8
    N80-1812 Home Drinking Water element is encapsulated design and do not need extra pressure vessels.
    Other Information

    • At the first use, it is suggested that rinse the protective agent from NüF® membrane through connecting water for one hour. The permeate water from this one hour should be discharged. Please do not use this water for drinking or cooking.
    • Keep elements moist at all times after initial wetting.
    • The membrane shows some resistance to short-term attack by chlorine (hypochlorite). Continuous exposure, however, may damage the membrane and should be avoided.
    • It is regarded as forbidden that the permeate water backflow into inflow side.