News Focus: "Never Forget Original Aspiration, Build New Dream Together"


The 2017 South Tai Lake Environmental Technology Innovation Summit was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang, on December 22nd ,2017 hosted by Ochemate Advanced Materials Technologies Co. Senior leadership. Attendees included senior leadership members from more than 30 environmental protection enterprises .  The purpose of the summit was to jointly explore and discuss environmental industry development issues such as water treatment, zero emission and new energy in China.

The participants were representatives of enterprises located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and other regions, with the background of the various technologies in the environmental protection industry. Though from many different fieldsof environmental protection industries, they shared a common connection: they all worked 20 years ago at OMEX Environmental Engineering Co Ltd (also known as  OMEX), the original company of Ochemate Advanced Materials Technologies Co. OMEX was established in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, and it gradually became the leading company specialized in water treatment project engineering and construction. In the past 10 years, the company has experienced a a merger, reorganizations, transformation and expansions. The former OMEX alumni (former employees of OMEX) have been flexing their fists, and are very active in various fields of the environmental industry, such as water-treatment chemicals, reverse osmosis , EDI, infiltration, fast charging batteries and photo catalytic oxidation.

This summit "Never forgot the original aspiration and built new dream together" included technical exhibitions, exchange of knowledge and experience while promoting collaboration on key environmental topics such as sewage treatment, industrial zero-emission, high concentration brine solution and materials recycling, "the Belt and Road " and green cars.

The founder of OMEX -Mr. WuYang, who is also the chairman and president of Microvast, attended the summit. He unreservedly shared his entrepreneurial experiences and insight into the environmental protection industry. He said: "This is a reunion party of the past recalling, the present looking, and future forwarding. I am gratified and also proud of who strived with me before are now still fighting for China's environmental protection industry, We have achieved a great success. As the entrepreneur in this field, we are not only responsible for business, but also have a social responsibility.

As the event organizer, Ms. Christina Fang, the CEO of Ochemate Advanced Materials Co, offered excellent opportunities for guests to combine their skills in "brainstorming session". She said: "This summit has made everyone aware of the strong resource integration capabilities of 'OMEXer', so as to further inspire everyone to innovate in their own businesses and enhance their core competitiveness to differentiate themselves."